Wednesday, 9 June, 2010

Passport Seva: New process to apply for Indian Passport

The new passport application process at Passport Seva Kendra of
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

With this new project, MEA has tried to make process simpler for
citizens to get new/reissue passport.
Here is the process + tips in very brief.

Before going to Passport Seva Kendra (PSK), you can do following from
home to save time, else these can be done on reaching there:

1. Visit and register. On the main
page, there is a link to find list of documents required. Collect all
necessary documents before applying.
Note for those applying for minors: It is mandatory to have spouse
name endorsed on at least one parent's passport.

2. Go to the link which says "Apply for Fresh Passport". A
step-by-step wizard like interface will help you fill the details.
Remember to save it after filling in each page. You can take break in
between, retrieve your form later and continue.

3. After filling the form, check the details and submit it by pressing
"submit" button.

4. You can upload documents also using the same interface, but that
link was not working when I check 2 days back.

5. At this stage, it is advisable to book appointment. With
appointment, you need not go to PSK and stand in queue. Remember to go
at least 30-45 min before the appointment time.

6. After booking the appointment, you can print the application
receipt which you have to carry to PSK.

Steps at PSK:

7. Go to the counter which says "Tokens". There you show your
application receipt and get a token.

8. In the waiting area, keep an eye on the display. They do not
announce the token numbers, you have to watch your token number on the
display. Display shows a list formatted like table_number -
token_number. Table numbers are like Axx, Token numbers are like
note: if you have forgot to take any photocopies, thre is a
photocopier available here. Also there are restrooms and tea counter.

9. When your token number is displayed, go to the assigned table (Axx)
and submit the documents. There they will take photo and fingerprints.
No need to take your own photos to PSK. You also need to submit the
documents there. They will collect the application fees here only.

10. Processing at these counters (CSE counters) numbers Axx take about
20 min. Then you need to go to Verification Officer counters which are
numbered (Bx). For this, again your token number will be displayed at
the display telling which Bx counter you need to go.

11. At VO counter your originals are examined. So remember to carry
them. If you are appying under Tatkal scheme, tell about it here.

12. If yours is a Tatkal application, your VO will sind you to VO
counter again for paying the additional Tatkal fees. Sadly this takes
time because the system puts you at the end of queue.

13. After paying tatkal fees, you again have to go to a VO counter.
Sadly this is required by the system, though not necessary.

14. If yours was not a tatkal application or if you completed steps 12
& 13, you need to go to a Granting Officer (GO) counter. These are
numbered Cx. Again you have to wait for your token to be displayed on
the display.

15. Based on your documents, if everything is fine, GO will approve
your passport. The GO and VO counters take 5 minutes each.

16. After this, last thing is to collect your application
acknowledgement near the exit gate. It contains the FILE NUMBER (very

I hope I have captured all items. Since the process is new, and still
evolving, there may be some change by the time you apply.

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Pams said...

Hi Prateek,
Should I take an appointment online for tatkal application or can I straight away go to the Passport Office and fill the form there? Please let me know. I heard that we must have an online appointment before going to tatkal office. The website does not allow me to get the date and hence cannot complete my application process online.

Prateek said...

Tatkal or no Tatkal, is decided when you reach the PSK at CSE desk.
Having appointment helps you avoid the queues and waiting time.
If for some reason you are not geting appointment, then you can simply walk-in to PSK early morning. People stand in queue since 6am in morning. then tokens are distributed at 8am.

bala46 said...

Hi Prateek,
How should I pay the fees by cash or DD.

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